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About Us

Sovereign Partners is a real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition of quality assets and opportunistic debt throughout the United States. Sovereign’s real estate team draws on a deep knowledge of real estate fundamentals and capital markets to acquire properties and loans throughout the country, with a focus on office, hospitality and residential asset classes.

Pro-Active Management

Pro-Active Management

A hands-on management style is the key to the firm’s track record of successful investments.

Disciplined Investing

Disciplined Investing

A detailed pursuit and analysis of investments translate into willingness to "walk away" when our due-diligence process reveals insurmountable issues.

Prudent Decision Making

Prudent Decision Making

Ability to evaluate returns on targeted capital expenditures and make appropriate operating cost-reductions that do not adversely impact tenant satisfaction.

Interests in over 6 million square feet of property

Interests in over

6 million square feet

of property



of assets across the United States

Principles have been responsible for the acquisition, financing and disposition of over 20 million of assets across the United States


At Sovereign Partners, we have built a team with a comprehensive expertise in pursuing opportunities in undervalued properties, distressed debt and other unique scenarios throughout the capital stack. Sovereign prides itself on maintaining a network of brokers, sellers, lenders and managers nationwide who keep the firm attuned to local markets and new opportunities.

Sovereign Partners primarily targets high-quality office, hospitality and residential assets that have been impacted by circumstances such as:

Deterioration, due to lack of capital investment, of the facility's market position

Poor management of the building's tenant/leasing base

Failure of ownership to operate the asset at its highest/best use

Inadequacy of the property's ownership structure

Inefficiencies in the capital markets

Lenders who are willing to sell their interests at a discount

Through targeted capital improvements, diligence lease-up strategies and prudent expense reductions, these cash-flowing properties have provided the opportunity for Sovereign’s hands-on ownership to deliver significant upside.

Once the property is stabilized and operating efficiently, we sell the investments to long term real estate holders.


Darius Sakhai is a Co-Founder and Principal of Sovereign Partners. Since co-founding the Sponsor with his brother Cyrus Sakhai in 2002, Darius has focused on hands-on value creation to engineer returns in the firm’s portfolio of real estate assets.

While managing the Sakhai family’s investments in the 1990s, Darius acquired and financed numerous buildings throughout the country, creating value through extensive capital renovations and leasing programs. During the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, Darius recognized the opportunity to purchase properties at a significant discount. In particular, Darius acquired office, retail and residential properties in the southwest United States significantly below their prior values, focusing on the underlying fundamentals of real estate assets in the context of that economic downturn.

Darius moved to the United States from England in the early 1980s, where he was exposed early on to his father’s numerous real estate investments while working in the family’s business. As his experience grew, Darius began to oversee and direct the family’s limited partnership investments.

Darius has been responsible for investing in over 20 million square feet of office, multifamily and retail assets across the United States. Mr. Sakhai is currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the portfolio and plays an active role in both acquisitions and asset management.

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