Investment Strategy

At Sovereign Partners, we have built a team with a comprehensive expertise in exploiting opportunities in undervalued properties. Sovereign prides itself on maintaining a network of brokers, sellers, lenders and managers nationwide who keep the firm attuned to local markets and new opportunities.


Sovereign creates long term value by pursuing a two-fold investment strategy. Eighty percent of our portfolio consists of opportunistic investments which have significant appreciation potential. The remaining twenty percent of our positions are in core assets which are generating stable income at the time of purchase. We are further diversified by our broad geographical scope in both urban and suburban markets.


We view a proactive, hands-on management approach as a central component of the success of our investment program. We exercise prudence in every decision and make selective capital expenditures and reasonable reductions in expenses to increase asset value and to improve operational efficiencies. Our experience allows us to evaluate challenging assets, devise a value creation strategy and effectively execute our goals.